Director / Creative Director

Macauley Johnson

Macauley Johnson

Inspired by the city that raised him, Macauley cultivated his artistic vision on the cracked graffiti murals, six-dollar cinemas and gallery-row revelry of Los Angeles. An illustrator-turned-photographer, he found his passion in animation and storytelling at Otis College, merging the creativity of invention with the rhythm and dynamics of motion.

His blend of form and flavor would be the thrust behind works showing off the vibrant life of Summer in Japan for Apple, remixing the mythology of Nas for Timberland, crafting community anthems for Facebook, and telling uniquely engaging stories for brands like Audi, Upwork, Oreo and more.

Whether it’s thoughtfully-caressed keyframes or immersively-developed narratives, he uses every project as a platform to upend conventions and reach an audience through innovation and artistry.